Car sunshades will make your car ride more pleasant

Driving for a long time in a car, especially during the summer months can be very uncomfortable because of the bright and hot sun. The sun is strong and its rays penetrate through glass. Even if you have air conditioning in the car, if you are in the sun for a long time, you will feel an uncomfortable warmth. Adults can adjust more easily, but children and pets can be very sensitive. To make your passengers stay in the car more comfortable and to get through a long drive even during the warmest of months, purchase car sunshades.

Characteristics of a good car sun shade

Car sun shade is very useful and sometimes can be a great decorative element. They keep out the sunlight, and also provide a certain protection against UV rays. Since less sunlight comes through the glass, the temperature in the car will automatically be lower. They are also excellent protection from stares of other people driving in the passer by cars. If car sunshades are used as blinds for a car and are a very dark color, you get almost the same functionality as using dark foil for your car. And that will have an impact on the overall safety of the objects left in your car. The glass will thus be dimmed to such an extent that no one will be able to see the inside of the car so if accidentally leave a purse or any other object of value on your seat it will not be visible to potential thieves.

Another plus side of a good car sun shade is that it also makes your driving safer. Sometimes when the sun is really low and it is very bright that can decrease your visibility of the road. The front window has ways of protecting you from direct sunlight and because of the way you view the road, too many sunshades is out of the question because it would block your view of the road and other cars, but it is proven by experience that a good shade throughout the car as well as a comfortable temperature inside the car can influence your concentration while driving so car sun shade can be beneficial not only for the passengers but also for the overall conformity of the driver as well.

Why is UVA exposure dangerous

UVA exposure is associated with premature aging, weaker immunity, skin cancer development, increased melanoma risk, cataracts, macular degeneration, many types of eye cancers, skin cancer on the eyelid, corneal sunburn and many other conditions that can be directly or indirectly connected to UVA exposure. Sitting in a car while exposed to the sun is especially dangerous because you cannot escape it and a good car sun shades can be the only solution. If you choose a sun shade that provides UVA protection, it offers an additional layer of protection between you and other passengers in the car and the sun, protecting you from potential eye and skin damage.

Types of car sunshades

Car sun shades are available in many different types. They are placed mainly on the side windows and rear window. Custom car sun shade is intended for a specific car models and when you place such blinds on your car, it covers the entire glass. That is convenient because it will serve the purpose in the best way possible and it also looks nice.

Universal sun shades will not exactly cover the entire glass of your car and depending on the model of the car, there will be some uncovered parts. Roll skirts are very popular models because they do not have to constantly be lowered down. They are very easy to descend and rise so you can use them if necessary. When the sun shines too brightly, you simply drop them down, but when more light is needed, it is easy to roll them up. That is one good side of this type of car sun shades. They are very adaptable and this is a good thing because they are here to serve you and not the other way around.

A number of companies manufacture car shades, both universal and the custom type that were created for a more precise fit. The market today offers sunscreens that are very easy to use and they come in a large number of colors and patterns. You can also find a windshield sun shades for almost any car brand and they protect you from the sun during the summer months but also from snow and frost in the winter. This is possible because of the reflective surface on the front side and the reverse black side that absorbs the heat in the winter.

Safety comes first

When it comes to car sunshades and the safety, that is mostly referred to the way sun shades have been attacked to the window of your car. For example, if you have a small child in the back seat, the most common way sun shades are attacked to the window, with suction cups, can be very dangerous if the cups have not been completely affixed to the window. They can easy fall down and can be very dangerous for a young child or a baby. Another way sun shades can be securely fixated to the window is a “static-cling” model, which sticks to the window without suction cups, eliminating the potential choking hazard.

Finally, always try to keep in mind that any object or an accessory you place in your car has the potential to become a projectile in a case of a crash or any other accident on the road. To reduce the chance of an injury and to keep everyone in your car safe, make sure you choose a car sun shade (shades) that is lightweight because they will not cause an injury because they are not very bulky and made from heavy materials.

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